Glass Replacement: Window Repairs Cleveland

Replacing Broken Glass: Cleveland Window Repairs

Many different things can happen to the glass in your windows to cause the need for a window repair or glass replacement. The two most common problems we see are one, the glass is broken, and two, the window has seal failure which causes the glass to develop a cloudy look, fog or condensation between the panes.

Window Repair to Fix Cloudy, Foggy Window Panes

Seal failure can occur for several different reasons. You could have a water leaking in the glass, or the glass just may not have been installed and sealed properly. No matter the issue, Deyan's Window Repair of Cleveland is here to get the job done right, at a price you can afford.

Window Repair Services in Cleveland

  • Exterior, Interior and Mirror Glass Repairs
  • Windows Glass Installation or Replacement -  except arched and leaded glass
  • Window Coverings and Screen Windows Repair or Replace
  • Window Hardware, Latches & Tracks Repair or Replace

Replacing Broken Glass

Replacing broken glass is a sensitive and complex process.  We do not recommend this as a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. Our highly trained technicians are able to determine what type of glass you need from a single plate glass to a triple pane insulated glass unit.

Cleveland Window Repair Double PaneInsulated Glass Windows are made up of glass and spacers with moisture control component that holds air or gas with double hot and cold seal over perimeter.

If you notice a foggy unit or some spot between the glass you have a broken seal which causes gas to leak out and air flow between the glass. Moisture starts to build up inside the window and you don't have an insulated window any more, meaning all heat or air conditioning from inside your home is leaking due to the lost barrier between interior and exterior temperatures.

When Deyan's Glass Window & Door Repairs replaces your glass we make sure to restore the barrier and bring back that thermal energy efficiency - something only an experienced glazier has the training and expertise to do.

Insulated Glass Units come in huge variety from glass type and thickness (annealed, tempered, energy officiant, laminated glass, color, obscure or any combination of those) the window is built from to the different over all thickness of the entire Insulated Glass Unit. Deyan's Glass will help you with all your insulated glass repairs.

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