Cleveland Window & Door Hardware Repair

Repairing Windows & Doors: Latches, Balances and Hardware

Deyan's Glass Window & Door Repairs of Cleveland provides top-quality, affordable and convenient repairs to windows and doors around Cleveland. We diagnose the broken window or door situation, order parts when necessary or provide the parts we have in our vast window parts inventory. Then we perform a quality window or door repair on-site.

Depending on what type of window or door you have - whether it's a vinyl window, wood window or metal (aluminum) window, whether it's a residential or commercial window, whether it's a double-hung window, a slider window, an awning window or a casement window - the type of window will dictate the hardware and parts involved for each repair and our professionals are experienced in all window repair types.

Cleveland Window Repair: Double Hung Vinyl Tilt Windows

Vinyl Window Repair

1. Master Frame
2. Top Sash
3. Bottom Sash
4. Balances
4a. Clock spring balance
4b. Spiral balance
4c. Block & tackle
5. Pivot shoes
6. Pivot bars
7. Tilt latches
8. Locks
9. Lifts
10. Glazing bead
11. Weather stripping
12. Jamb liners


Repairs to Awning Windows

TAwning Window Repairshe anatomy of each type of window will differ as the window latches, cranks and openings differ. At Deyan's Window and Door Repair of Cleveland, we are experienced in repairing all types of residential and commercial windows. Many businesses in Cleveland have awning windows, or windows that crank outward - think of Cleveland's manufacturing buildings, churches and schools.

1. Master Frame
2. Sash
3. Operator & Handle
4. Torque Bar
5. Torque bar arm
6. Torque bar holder
7. Linkage Set
8. Link Arm
9. Weather Stripping
10. Glazing Bead

Repairs to Casement Windows in Cleveland

Casement windows are all around Cleveland's homes and businesses. When you think of any windows that open with a crank, instead of sliding up or sliding to the side, that's usually a casement or an awning window. An awning window will open out, like an awning, with the window glass being hinged horizontally. In a casement window the mechanics are very similar because there is also a crank but instead of the windows hinged horizontally, like an awning, a casement window is hinged vertically and opens out perpendicular to the ground, more like how a door would open.

Cleveland Window Repairs1. Master Frames
2. Sash
3. Locking handles
4. Striker/Keeper
5. Operator
6. Screen Clips
7. Weather stripping
8. Glazing Beads or Stops
9. Hinges

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