About Deyan’s Window, Glass & Mirror Repair in Cleveland

Glass and Door Repair Cleveland

Deyan's Window & Door Repair has been providing quality window and door glass, mirror and hardware repair services for residential and commercial customers.  Need to replace busted glass in a home or business window? Have foggy windows because of a broken window seal? Does your door hardware not open, close or lock properly? Having a hard time opening, closing or latching any of your glass windows or entry doors? If your windows and doors are not sliding, opening, closing correctly or not creating a tight seal, they're likely in need of a window or door repair.

Welcome to Beganovic, LLC, dba Deyan's Glass and Doors, a local, Cleveland area owned, small business proudly servicing Cleveland and the surrounding areas.  Deyan's Glass and Door Repairs of Cleveland is owned by Deyan Beganovich, an old-school glazier trained by the best in glass repair and craftsmanship. Deyan (pronounced similar to Dan) chose to work in the glass repair industry as a third generation glazier. As a young man born in a family owned glass business he learned about the glass craftsmanship at an early age.

Deyan started in the glass repair industry as a third-generation skilled glazier in 1983. CLick here to learn more about Deyan Beganovic.


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