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Broken Glass & Foggy Glass Repair: depending on the type of window with broken or foggy glass, we can almost always replace a glass panel without replacing the whole window - much more affordable than a complete replacement window. So whether you have a single-pane, double-pane, insulated, frosted, glazed or another specialty window type our field technician will be able to assess your situation on site. There's no need to take your window pane out and bring it to us - we come to you!

Window Locks, Latches, Cranks & Handles: many of the broken window latches, cranks and handles are an easy DIY (do-it-yourself) fix for most home owners if the window was made within the last 20 years. If you are not the DIY type, have older windows, or have a broken window lock, you should definitely have a professional assessment.

Window Sash Support System: a lot of our older Cleveland area homes can have tricky window sash systems - some even with antique pulleys and weights system. If your window won't open, won't close, is off-center or has some other issue, let us take a look.

Window Screen: have a torn window screen, screen door or need a total screen replacement? We fix window and door screens all the time. Give us a call at 216-409-9576 or fill out our free estimate form with details.

Residential Window Repairs

Glass pane replacement, repairs to old wooden windows and doors, metal, aluminum or vinyl windows, repairs to latches, hardware, and more. Save money by repairing your home's windows instead of replacing them.

Residential Window Repairs

Door Repairs

Deyan's Windows and Door Repairs of Cleveland repairs residential and commercial doors. Our window and door repair professionals even repair screen doors, interior glass doors, glass in cabinets and more.

Door Repairs

Commercial Window Repairs

Deyan's Window and Door Repair of Cleveland has been repairing and replacing commercial windows and doors throughout Cleveland for years. If you have mirrors or glass that are in need of repair or replacement, call Deyan's Window and Doors.

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Window Hardware

Window latches, locks, window balances, pivot bars, cranks, hinges and more. We use all American-made replacement parts made with the highest manufacturing standards and original parts for your particular window or door.

Screen Repairs

Bent screens, broken screens, frayed screens - in windows and doors. Repair or replace broken screens.

Free Quote

Contact us for a no-pressure quote.  Our price will never exceed the original quote. We stay at or below our quote without adding extra costs. In some cases we are able to provide a quote over the phone.

Window Pane Replacement

Do you have a broken glass pane or foggy glass in your windows? No matter what your issues with the glass panes of your windows, repairing or replacing the glass, from single plate glass to a triple pane Insulated Glass Unit, is a less expensive option than buying an entire replacement window.

Replacing broken glass is a sensitive and complex process and Deyan's Glass and Door Repair Company's highly trained technicians are able to determine what type of glass you need and make your window repair affordable and convenient.

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Window Repair

Hardware Repairs

Do your window and door hardware not work properly?  If you can't close or lock your window and doors, if your window doesn't slide up and down, side to side or stay open, or if your sliding doors are giving you a hard time, contact us. There are thousands of components that go into all your types of windows and doors. Deyan's Glass and Door Repair of Cleveland can repair them all.

Whether your broken window is a casement window, awning window, sliding window or double hung, wooden, vinyl, aluminum or steel, the window repair professionals at Deyan's will repair latches, hardware, balances, locks, handles and more. We even offer window and door screen repair services.


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Commercial Window Repair

Commercial Window & Door Repair

Deyan's Glass and Doors Repair provides quality glass, mirror and window and door hardware repair service for residential and commercial customers. From installation or repairs to mirrored walls in a dance studio to repairing a glass security door for a retail store, Deyan's Glass and Doors Repair of Cleveland can typically provide same-day repairs to commercial windows and doors when we have the parts on hand.

Deyan's Glass and Door Repairs of Cleveland is a local company and we enjoy supporting local businesses.

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